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Book Review of The Rise of Sivagami: Book 1 of Baahubali - Before the Beginning by Hire A Book Team

Neelkanthan’s this new Action Adventure and Historical Fiction category book answers the curiosity of Bahubali movie viewers’ to know about the beginning of powerful kingdom Mahishmati. Shivagami; grow as an orphan girl, with an intention to take revenge of her father’s death, who was murdered by the King of Mahishmathi. At the teenage Shivagami kills the king to bring Mahishmathi Empire under her rule and marries one of the foremost members of empire which brings her in the power and she becomes Raajmata Shivagami. Readers also come to know the past of other most powerful character, Kattappa while encountering other characters like GunduRamu& the Pattaraya which adds more enthusiasm in the story. It is a treat for the address as author has taken the description of the Kingdom to the highest level of detailing. His attention to even a minute detail in the narration; virtually plunks readers in Kingdom.However the main storyline focused on Shivagami, the offshoots take us to the phenomenal journey of the Kingdom and its social life.

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